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NEW - Blonyx Egg White Protein!

Hey all,

As you know, we're always on the hunt for the best products to offer you guys and support your health and fitness goals. Blonyx is a company that we trust implicitly and supplies supplements that are simple, pure, and effective.

Blonyx has developed a new technology in order to bring their first protein supplement to the market - essentially removing the sulphur from eggs, creating a smooth protein without that "eggy" taste.

We're also in support of consuming "clean" foods and supplements. Along with purchasing organic vegetables and local meats, your supplements should also be free of additives and fillers.

Blonyx's Egg White Protein Isolate is exactly that - simple ingredients like cane sugar, cocoa, and sea salt feature in this product. You won't find fillers or random proteins added in.

We've brought in 13 bags (2lb each) as a starter for our community. I highly recommend trying the protein, which will be a good break from consuming whey (which some of us do everyday!).

Simple to pick up - $60 per bag, lovely chocolate flavour, and you can use your Push Press account and charge to your Credit card on file. Quick and easy!


Also we have Fit Aid back in the gym. Fit Aid is a refreshing post WOD drink that is lightly carbonated. It contains a blend of Vitamin C, D, and E along with electrolytes and B Vitamins. There are NO artificial flavours, sweeteners, or caffeine and it tastes great chilled!

$4.00 per can or $7.00 for two, let your coach know then grab them from the fridge!

Can use Cash or your Push Press account just let your coach know!




400m Run ONCE


2 rounds of

50ft Bear Crawl

15 light Wall balls


Thruster from rack or from floor

10 x 1rep Every 90sec, up to smooth heavy single


This is an epic old school CrossFit workout. Decent volume of each movement, but you only have to do them once!

Jackie was featured in the Regionals competition in 2013, with Vic City athletes Lindsay McCardle (7:10), Christina Verhagen (8:09), Lucas Parker (5:08), and Michael McCabe (5:39) throwing down beastly scores!

Row with patience, hit those thrusters hard, and stay positive!

Rx: 1000m row, 50 thrusters (45), 30 pullups

FG2: scale bar weight to 35lb for women

FG1: 750/30/15 scaled as needed

CP: elite time goals <6 minutes for men, <8 minutes for women... can you do it??

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