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Chalk - You're doing it wrong!

Hey all,

I've been noticing an increasing number of "chalk incidents" at the gym over the past couple of months... meaning an excessive and/or messy use of chalk that doesn't need to happen!

Definitely we need some chalk on our HANDS for linking well to barbells, pull up bars, and kettlebells/db's. The chalk helps to dry out your hands as well as increase friction between your skin and whatever implement you are using. Emphasis is on your hands as that's pretty much the only place you'll regularly need to apply it!

Putting chalk directly on your implement in many ways will decrease the grip you have as opposed to increase it. This is especially the case with barbells as the depth of the knurling (grippy surface of the bar) is what gives it grip ... adding chalk fills in those gaps and makes it more slippery.

Plus, you do NOT need to chalk your row handle, your wallball, or your hands for burpees... yes that last one leaves some awesome handprints but is also a pain in the butt to clean up.

Lastly, I know it's tough mid wod, but please be aware of keeping your hands (and the chalk) in the bucket. If you take the chalk block out and rub it all around, a lot ends up on the floor and again is really difficult to clean up!

For a more humourous look at overuse of chalk, check out the video below!

Coach Cam



WARM UP: 4 rounds with an empty bar: 8 deadlift, 6 back squat, 4 press, 1 samson lunge per leg with 4 second hold


* Add weights together for your score for the day *

Part 1: Build to a heavy double in the strict press (12 min, start with empty bar)

Part 2: Build to a heavy double in the back squat (16 min, can warm up with your press weights as you go)

CASH - OUT: 30-20-10 reps, fast but not for time:

Overhead walking lunge steps (add weight plate scaled to ability)

Double crunch / ttb / GHD

Pushups (modified / toes / rings)

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