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Six Day Program Announcement!

Hey all!

Yep, you read that right - we are going to trial a SIX DAY program... starting this coming week!

As our gym continues to grow and develop, we want to explore all possible forms of training to help you progress and enjoy your training. Vic City has had a unique (and effective) 3 day program since inception, but I feel like it's time to try something a bit different.

Expect quality, well planned workouts and progressions, more time for skill work, and the opportunity to get coached in a class every single day!

This is a great time to trial this sort of program as we head into the next CrossFit Open in October.

The coaches are on board and are very excited about this new direction for us as a community. See my video below, and/or scroll down this post to find out more :)

Some important notes!

Membership - everything remains the same! You get more coached workouts, same price. Unlimited, 3 days, 2 days, and punch cards allow access to bootcamps, crossfit classes, open gym, and weightlifting skills.

WODs - we'll release some wod hints before each week so you can plan your training a bit in advance. This will help decide when to push yourself and when to back off so that you maximize your training experience. You'll see more variety in the content of wods, allowing for different intensities and volumes, along with more skill practice.

Skills Classes - with the inclusion of more skill work inside of class, we will be dropping the Gymnastics class (for now). We are keeping the Weightlifting class though and it will be at a new (and more convenient) time of 515-615pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Due to space constraints, we will be putting a cap of 8 people per day for this class, so sign up in advance through your Push Press app to secure a spot!!

CHOICE Days - Every week (on average) there will be one choice workout where you choose between an aerobic effort and a strength base day. This allows you to work on your weaknesses (and hopefully not avoid them!), as well as have the freedom to choose a lighter effort if it fits your week plan.

Open Gym - We will have 13 hours per week of open gym time, with the major change being that the main side of the gym is reserved solely for classes during class time. We expect to have larger classes with more need for space and equipment. All open gym time during class times will be on the SH side and will be for reduced hours to allow us to run specialty programs in the small side of the gym. Here are the Open Gym hours:

6-8am: M, T, Th

11am-1pm: Sat

12 noon: M, W, F

7-8pm: M, W

Specialty Classes - We will be offering more programs on the small side of the gym as we go. At the moment we have a Kettlebell class lined up to start in the fall, and are looking to add a Powerlifting class, Seniors strength training, and more. These classes will be offered at a discount to our Vic City members and also are meant to attract people from outside the CrossFit arena to train with us!

Thank you for being a part of this journey and I'm excited to move forwards with this new programming format!




WARM UP: Dowel Game - 3-4 rounds, fitness reward as per coach!

SKILL: Clean and Jerk Development (Split Jerk Preferred)

In this series, you have three weights to work with. Your first weight should be light and the focus will be on footwork in your Jerk. Second set, ramp up a bit and as long as technique allows, ramp up further for the last round.

1 Clean + 1 Squat + 3 Jerks E90s x 4 sets.

Rest 2 min, add weight

1 Clean + 1 Squat + 1 Jerk: E90s x 4 sets.

Rest 2 min, add weight

1 Clean + 1 Jerk E90s x 3 sets.

CASH OUT: Half Karen

75 wallballs for time :)

Rx: 14/20

FG2: 10/14

FG1: 50 reps, scaled as needed

CP1: 20/25-30

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