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Sept 1-7 Training Outline

It's here! 6 day a week programming at Vic City!

Above you can see our general outline of training for the week and can expect a new blog for each days more in depth workout breakdown.

If you are on 2 or 3 day a week memberships and are looking to add an extra day of training you can purchase a Members Drop In on the Push Press Member Portal App for $13 dollars per drop in.

However, if you find you are doing this more than twice a month it is a money saver for you and creates much more value for your training to bump up to an Unlimited membership. If you have any questions please email Coach Graham at the gyms main email and he can set you up on Push Press!

We are very excited for this new chapter and looking forward to all the new PRs and records to be set with this new format!

Happy training and see you in the gym!



9:30am and 5:00pm Classes ONLY


Partner Shuttle Runs and BW

1,2,3,4 gym lap runs

max Plank T rotations, reverse lunges, double crunch, plank


Front Squat in teams of 3 on 1 bar

15mins to find each members 3 Rep Max

* from rack

WOD "Triple Double"


2 x 10 min AMRAPs back to back, in relay fashion

10 hang power snatch (65/95), 10 wallballs (14/20)

7/10 cal row, 10 thrusters (65/95)

FG 55/75 Bar

TG Scale bar/ball

CP1: #1: 6 hang SQUAT snatch @ 75/115, wallballs 20/25, #2 75/115

CP2: #1: 6 hang SQUAT snatch @ 95/135, wallballs 20/30, #2 95/135

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