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Gymnastics Tuesday

Brooke Ence shows us what a more advanced gymnastics day of training looks like.



3 rounds

Rowling to 148m Short and sharp ( No half pulls)

*coaches choice fitness reward


wrist stretch (wall/floor)


10 min kip pullup review

Then 6 rounds of 20 sec work E2M

CP - 10 min strict pullup ladder (2, 4, 6, 8...)

Then 6 Rounds Each of Alternating EMOM

20sec CTB butterfly & 30sec max distance HS walk

Gymnastics Stations

30sec Work/30sec Rest x 6 rounds (18mins)

1. Double Crunch / Hanging Knee Raise / GHD Situp / Toes To Bar

2 Push up / Ring Dip progression (CP muscle up into ring dips)

3. Pistol progression

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