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Member Highlight Tom and "DT"

Meet Tom our September Member Highlight!

When did you start CrossFit/start at Vic City?

I started in Spring of 2017.

What do you enjoy most about CrossFit?

I love the intensity of the workouts. I love being pushed to the edge where mental toughness is really all that matters. More than anything, though, I love the community. I love the positive supportive atmosphere that we cultivate at the gym. Nothing is better than getting cheered on while you desperately struggle through the end of the workout because you naively thought the CP scaling wouldn’t be too bad (happens a lot these days…). I likewise love cheering on other members as they struggle. Shared suffering seems to really bring people together!

Favourite move/least favourite or things you are working on?

My favourite movement is probably rowing (and no I don’t have a rowing background). I guess it just rewards my lanky legs and arms! My least favourite is probably pushups… Lately, I’ve been trying to increase my strength so don’t be surprised if you see me in the corner of the gym doing bicep curls ;). Beyond that I’m also trying to improve my Oly weightlifting form (especially snatch). I love how technical Olympic weightlifting is and I’m realizing it will take many hours of practice to get really proficient at those movements.

Any favorite memories at the gym so far?

I love the times we step outside the gym and flex our CrossFit muscles in public (cause why else would we be doing this?). Had a great time at Oak Bay track earlier this summer running and doing sled pulls. Also, I had the pleasure of joining some of our members on the Grouse Grind recently. That was a truly a grind, especially with a 20lbs sandbag and doing it twice in one day… Experiences like those make me feel more connected at the gym, and I highly encourage people to join in next time something is going on!

Lastly, what are your goals you are working towards or what you are most proud of?

My goals right now are to put more time and energy into my fitness. I want to start coming more days a week and really focus on improving my weaknesses. I’m excited to announce that me, Kevin, and Alan are gonna be competing in the Fraser Valley Throwdown as a team of three this fall. Gotta make sure I train hard for my first CrossFit competition! In terms of what I’m proud of, I would have to say how much I’ve improved over the last little while. When I first started a couple years ago, I was very out of shape (mentally and physically). It’s amazing to see how far I’ve come since then. It’s been a great experience so far and I’m very much looking forward to what the future brings.




3 rounds

200m run

15 American KB swings

7 pushups

WOD Prep Coach led


Leaderboard WOD


5 rounds 12 - 9 - 6

Deadlift, Hang Power Clean, Shoulder to Overhead (105/155)

FG2 85/115

FG1 55/75

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