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Hey all,

I hope that you're enjoying the programming so far. I've heard lots of good things about the energy and enthusiasm in the classes, especially for the DT leaderboard wod!

One feature of our weeks will be CHOICE wods - where you'll get to choose between (typically) an energy system workout (intervals or aerobic efforts) and a strength workout (designed to increase general structural strength).

As a class you'll do the same warm up and then split for the training. The idea is that you can choose to work on your weakness OR train to accentuate your strengths.

If your weakness in workouts is your aerobic ability (i.e. you tend to burn out in longer workouts) then hitting the energy system training each week will help to change that. Likewise if your aerobic is good but you find that you get overwhelmed with heavier weights, then the strength focus will help you to shore up that area.

I think these days will also be a great way to create a bit of a lower intensity day. Aerobic work done at a lighter effort (6/10) can really help your recovery and strength work with longer rests is generally a lot less stressful than a metcon.

Enjoy your choices and have fun.



WARM UP: 3 rds - 4 samson lunges, 6 inchworms, 8 american swings


If you want to push your speed endurance, run fast and bike fast each interval. If you want more recovery, go a bit slower on each and chop down the distance as needed.

Alternating E3M for 5 rounds each (30 min):

Run 400m, Bike 15/20 calories

FG: Scale run to 200-300m and calories to 6-12

CP - 7 rounds (42 min)


Alt E2M - Bench Press 6 x 6 working up and Bulgarian Squat with DB's 6 x 6/leg.

Rotate slowly through for 4-5 rounds: Ring Reverse Flye or Ring Row x 8-10, Seated DB/KB press x 6-10, T rotation Plank x 6/side SLOW

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