Supplements Sale

September 11, 2019



Wednesday Sept 11th to Saturday Sept 21st


We are having a supplement sale of 10% ALL our in house Supplements. That's ALL supplements. 


So get stocked up on Protien, BCAA's, Creatine, Beta Alanine, and Omega 3s!


You can pay cash, gift card, or use your Credit Card on file in Push Press. 


Talk to your coach next class to get loaded up!

TRAINING WEDNESDAY - Gymnastics Skills



Animal Walk partner Relay. Each partner does 50ft of each walk, 1 work/1 rest.

Bear Crawl (traditional)

Duck Walk

Crab Walk

Spider Walk




Handstand Pushup Progressions & Pistol Review


WOD:  (30mins)


10 min at EACH station in a row, doing EMOM efforts:


1. HSPU progression 4-8 reps EMOM


2. Assault Bike 30sec work, 30 sec rest


3. Pistol progression 3-5 reps/leg EMOM





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