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Row, Row, Row

Here is a great video (dry), but detailed video on breaking down your rowing technique.

Notice the posture of the rower and the control she has in her catch or recovery phase.

Try to pick out a few pointers to focus on during your rowing intervals. Just because you will increase effort does not mean our form or control goes by the way side.

See you in the gym and happy rowing!




30sec on/30 sec off rotations x3 rounds

Hollow Rock Hold


Overhead Plate lunges


In Pairs 5 x 500m row each (1 work, 1 rest)

Build speed each round (try to drop :02 seconds off your split each time.

60-70-80-90-95% effort as you go through the rounds



5 rounds for time:

50 double unders

15 kettlebell swings (35/53)

FG2: 26/44, 5 du/round + 45 singles

FG1: scale kb as needed, single unders

CP1: 16 KB snatches/round @ 35/53 + 8 kip hspu

CP2: 16 KB snatches (44/70) + 8 strict HSPU per round

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