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Monday Snatches Deadlifts Intervals!

Great way to start the week off here gang!

REMINDER - Lucas Parker's Open Prep Seminar is this coming Sunday, Sept 22!

Click HERE to register!




WARM - UP: 3 rounds with an empty bar - 4 snatch grip deadlifts, 4 hang power snatch, 4 overhead squats (use dowel for these if you have trouble with mobility), 4 vertical jumps with bar in back rack position

Skill: Snatch Quality Reps

The goal today is to groove your technique in the snatch, NOT to max out! By getting quality reps in at 75-90% of your maximum, you will get all of the strength and coordination benefits you need in order to hit a 1rm sometime in the future. Focus on smoothness and accuracy!

Full Snatch OR Power Snatch + OHS: 6 x 2 E90s

Add weight after 3 sets

Right into

Full Snatch OR Power Snatch + OHS: 6 x 1 E90s

Build to a heavy but technically solid single rep


In groups of 3 sharing an assault bike:

5 rounds each person, going E3M of 3 deadlifts (@70-80% of max) and 6/10 calories assault bike

- Smooth and solid reps on the deadlift into a SPRINT on the bike.

- Next person goes on the minute (i.e. this is not for time)

CP: 6 rounds if time allows and 6-10/10-16 cals (bike portion must be done in under 30 sec)

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