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Olympic Lifting to the Max

Here we have our very own Coach Rachel lifting from the 2014 Canadian Nationals. Go about 30sec into the video to get to her clean and jerks.

Coach Rachel is not only an amazing Olympic Lifting competitor but she does an amazing job with our Olympic Lifting classes. We run them Tuesdays and Thursdays on the small side of the gym. You are welcome to join these classes but need to reserve a spot on your Push Press Member Portal to do so.

Whether you just finished On Ramp or are in your 5th year of doing crossfit, attending one of Rachels Oly classes will be very beneficial for you. So do your best and try to make it work and get to one of her classes soon!

Good luck to everyone today on their Clean n Jerk maxes. Cheer each other on and stay focused on the task at hand!

Happy lifting!




Rotating EMOM x3 rounds

30sec on/30sec rest and rotate

Med ball cleans

Plank T Rotations

Kb Swings

Max Strength Testing


Clean and Jerk

1 rep Every 90sec x 4

Rest 2 min then

CJ 1 rep E2M x 6 work up to CJ max

Cashout Strength

Back Squat: 10 x 2reps @ 70-80% E90s

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