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Gymnastics Triplet


WARM UP: 3 rounds - 8 walking lunges, 8 american swings, 8 pushups


This is a toughie - you want to go quickly but also pace yourself to make sure you can sustain your effort through the 4 rounds! There is a 14 minute time cap and for most the maintenance of your pace will come down to the pullups, so scale those appropriately!

Rx: 4 RFT - 14/20 cal bike, 14/20 pullups, 80 double unders - 14 minute cap

FG2: 10/16 pullups, 10 doubles +70 singles.

FG1: 10/16 for everything, banded or jumping pullups, 80 singles

CP 1: CTB pullups

CP2: 5 bar MU + 10/15 CTB per round


4-5 rounds, not for time:

10-15 ghd or double crunch AND 6 reps/leg of 2x DB shoulder racked reverse lunge

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