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Press Press Press

These are all variations of Handstand pushups you have seen before, but thought this would be a good refresher for you to see and look at on your own time.

For you beginners make sure to watch the box pike pushups and the seated presses, both solid options to develop your handstand pushups as long as you are doing them with proper technique and form.

If you are still weary about kicking up to the wall, DON'T BE!

Today is the day to try them and practice. Your coach will assist you and keep you safe so have no fear and give it a go!

Happy Pressing!




3 rounds

8 med ball cleans

4 med ball burpees

2 length low n slow bear crawl


Handstand Pushup practice - 16 minutes

Rx: 8 x 3-8 reps of hspu variant E2M.

FG : 8 sets of 20-30 sec practice of wall walks, holds, progressions, 1:30-1:40 rest.

CP: hspu ladder OTM, start at 4 and build, if you miss go back to 4. Can be strict or kip


RX in Pairs For time

5 rounds each person:

250m row, 12/20 pushups

Partner 1 does row + pushups then tags Partner 2

FG Scaled ROM/Modified Pushups

CP1: ring pushups (feet at height of hands)

CP2: Ring dips

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