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Aerobic or Strength

Since we have begun our 6 day a week programming we have been offering a "choice day" for you all to either work on your strength or your aerobic/endurance training. It's fun to see who picks what, but dont follow the crowd. Choose an option that is helping YOU attain YOUR goals.

Some weeks you may have some strategy going into the week and already have it set for which option you will take on, other weeks you may wait and see the day of to choose.

Either way makes sure you are listening to your body and know when to challenge yourself and don't be afraid to work on those weaker areas that you may neglect at times.

This week we have 2 great options for you to choose from. No matter which you choose work hard, stay focused and make sure you continue to recover properly. Hydrate, stretch, eat well and SLEEP.

Happy lifting or biking, whichever you choose....




400m run,

then 2 rounds of

10 Kb Swings

5 Goblet squats

5/5 push press


Aerobic: (20mins)

6 rounds x 40 sec easy, 20 sec steady hard on assault bike.

Then burpee EMOM: 5-10 reps x 8 minutes.

Then 6 rounds x 45 sec easy, 15 sec hard on assault bike


Strength Development:

A. Front Squat 6 x 2 up to heavy double E2M

B1. DB Bench Press 5 x 4-8 reps (bump up from last time) alternated E90s

B2. Weighted Pullups 5 x 3,3,2,2,1

Rotate through for 3-4 sets:

8-12 ring or DB rows

8-12 reverse hypers on GHD

8-12 band triceps pressdowns

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