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Monday Squatalotta

Hey gang, short one tonight! We are coming up to the Open (it's next week!!) but we still want to gain whole body strength... so we're hitting some back squats early this week.

You'll be working from your best weight in the CF Total that you did last week, so come in with your target number in mind.

We're pairing the back squats with some HSPU reps (or some progression thereof) to get a bit of skill work mixed in. Work with your coach to determine what progression you want/need to work on!

Keep fit and have fun




WARM UP: 5 min AMRAP of - 5 goblet squats, 7 pushups, 9 double crunch or HKR

STRENGTH: Back Squat 6 x 2 @ 75-80% of 1rm alternated E2M with HSPU (kip or strict) 6 x 5-10 reps

- work with your coach to find a good HSPU progression. Kipping HSPU are the more efficient in larger chunks (like we might see in the Open) but strict is generally safer and will help you build towards a strong kip later on


A quick hit this one - start fast and focus on accuracy and speed on the DB snatch (switch in the air!) while maintaining pace on the assault bike.


100 double unders, then:

21-15-9 of DB Snatch @ 35/50 and Assault Bike Cals

then 100 double unders.

Ladies do 15-10-5 cals on bike.

FG2: 10 doubles, 90 singles, DB 25/40

FG1: single skips, scale DB weight as needed

CP1: 40/55

CP2: 50/70

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