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October 2, 2019

 The open starts next week Thursday October 10th!!!


If you have never done the open you should! It's a great way to track your progress year after year and such a great atmosphere in the gym!


Here is the link to get yourself registered for the 2020 Open:





Partner Shuttle Runs and Planks

2,3,4,5 LAPS running while other partner planks then switch


Choice WOD



Row or Assault Bike

5 x 20 cals

4 x 15 cals

3 x 10 cals

2 x 6 cals

Rest 90 sec between each effort



A1. Bench Press 5 x 2 alternated E2M with

A2. Bulgarian Squats (DB) x 6,6,6,4,4/leg. (20mins)


B1. Ring Rows (hard) 4x 6-10 reps alternated E2M with

B2. Reverse Hypers on GHD bench x 8-12 reps. (16mins)


Slow rotation:

C1. Front Plank hold 30-60sec 

C2. DB Hammer Curls 6-8 reps

C3. Band Pull-aparts x 10 reps

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