Friday: Partner WOD

October 4, 2019

 Here at Vic City we do lots of partner WODs, and today we have an awesome one to finish the week up going into our first Open week of 2020.


This is a great little triplet to get us moving hard and fast and make sure to keep cheering on not only your teammate but your classmates as well. 


Happy hopping and make sure you are recovering well going into week 1 of the 2020 Open. 






3 rounds

10 light Db Snatch

25ft Broad Jumps (controlled landing, slowly build up in effort)

10 Hanging knee raise


Warmup up Deadlifts



"Du-Op the 2-Hop"

15 minute AMRAP with a partner in relay format:


6 deadlifts (155/225)

8 barhop burpees

10 pullups


FG 2 125/185


FG1 95/135, banded pullups or jumping pullups


CP1 butterfly pullups, DL 175/255


CP2 butterfly pullups, DL 195/275



10min EMOM

pistol squats 2-5 reps per leg (scale as needed)




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