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Tuesday Training

Great combo of olympic weightlifting and a partner relay wod! Accuracy and high effort on the cleans then push the pace on the work intervals to get some race pace practice!




WARMUP: 3 rounds - 12 light russian KBS, 4 inchworms, 8 empty barbell push press

SKILL: Clean + Jerk: 6 x 3 E2m building to a smooth but tough triple (can drop in between)

Warm up well over about 8 minutes so that you start at a fairly heavy weight (~70% 1RM) and build from there as long as your technique stays solid

WOD: Row-burpee-lunge

This is a relay workout with a partner, 4 rounds each for time of -

Rx: Row 14/20 cals, 10 over rower burpees, 50' DB OH lunge (35/50).

FG2: regular burpees, scale DB as needed.

FG1: 10/15 cals, no weight for lunges.

CP: 20/30 cals, 40-45/55-70

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