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Therapy - You might need it!

Hey all,

With CrossFit training, you get tight muscles, sore joints, and sometimes pesky small issues that prevent you from performing at your best. Like ongoing maintenance on your car, treating your body to some therapy can help keep those issues from getting worse or even better yet, optimize your movement.

How and when you get treatment is up to you (and your therapist) but you definitely want to know that they understand the type of activity you are performing. Massage therapy and physiotherapy from experienced practitioners are two therapy options that have great benefits for CrossFit participants of all levels.

Regular massage treatments can enhance tissue quality, break up adhesions, and improve blood flow. They can also help decrease resting tone and overall body stress.

Physiotherapy involves not only working with acute and chronic injuries, but also refining movement patterns by looking at your body in segments and as a whole. Treatments can free up bound joints and muscles, re-educate your body how to stabilize and fire muscle groups, and decrease the effect of recovering injuries.

Fortunately in our partner space - Strength and Health which is right next door - you can find both an extremely talented Registered Massage Therapist (Michelle Birtwell) and an expert physiotherapist (Greg Kirk). Both are very familiar with CrossFit and other sports training and as such know the stresses that your body is going through.

To book in with either one, click on the "Therapy" tab on our main website or visit online booking HERE.

The best approach to ongoing performance and longevity in athletic pursuits is to treat your body like your car - preventative maintenance and addressing issues early will go a long way!

See you in the gym,




WARMUP: 4-6-8-10 rep rounds of medicine ball clean and jumping ring dips

SKILL: Alternating E90s for 6 repeats each -

HSPU progression (3-8 reps) or HR pushups (5-15 reps)


TTB or HKR progression (6-10 reps)


Rotating EMOM for 5 rounds:

Ring Rows (make them difficult) - 6-10 reps

Plank T Rotations - 6-10 reps

Hollow or Tuck Rock - 10-30 seconds

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