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OPEN 20.1

IT'S HERE! Relatively simple, and wonderfully challenging.

Warm up: 3 rounds with a barbell - 5 deadlifts, 5 hang power snatch, 5 push press. 1 samson stretch per side in between rounds!

Wod prep: 3-4 rounds of 4 power snatch + 3-4 burpees

OPEN 20.1

Rx: 10 rounds for time (15 minute time cap) of -

8 floor to overhead (with barbell) 65/95

10 bar facing burpees

Scaled: barbell weight 45/65, can step over barbell to finish burpee.

In each class we'll split members into two groups and one group will act as judges for the others. We will be doing the Open workout on both Friday and Saturday in class.

Check out the video below for Coach Cam's tips for this workout!

For more specifics about the workout, click HERE.

YOU CAN STILL SIGN UP FOR THE OPEN AND JOIN AN INTRAMURAL TEAM! You have until Monday at 5pm to do both!

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