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20.2 Predictions

What are your predictions for 20.2???

Could we see a repeat from just last February?

Or maybe a repeat from another Open year?

Traditionally we see a repeat workout from a previous year for one week during the Open and its a blessing in disguise as you get to see your progress from the last time you took it on, but you also get to go through the pain and torture all over again.

Hope you all have been recovering and getting ready for this weeks new or possible old challenge?!




Rotating EMOM 30sec ON/30sc Off & Rotate x3 rounds

Assault bike

KB Taters

Plank up/downs (forearms to hands and back n forth)


Barbell Complex

3 power cleans, 2 front squat, 1 jerk

6 sets build to a heavy set

Go every 2mins


For max reps!

14 min: In Pairs, alternating rounds (relay style)


5 Handstand Pushups

8 DB Snatch (35/50)

25ft DB OH Walking lunge (35/50)


10 Hand Release Pushups, 20/35lb DB

CP1: 10 kip hspu

CP2: 10 strict hspu, DB 40-45/70. Aim for 6 rounds

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