Handstand Pushups and Team WOD Wednesday

October 23, 2019

Coach Tia showing us how its all done. 

PC Oscar Bravo


Make sure during these Open Week sessions you are picking scaling options to support your efforts on Friday and Saturday. Some people have a tendency overload their muscles too much before a workout especially during the open, and then come Friday/Saturday your muscles are fatigued.  


So pick an option that will support your efforts, if you are not sure what option is best for you talk to your coach!


I know its not always easy to hold yourself back and also not easy to know what will come up or not in the Open. So do your best to build and support to your goals. 


Good luck and have fun, can't wait for 20.3!




3 rounds 

8 Med Ball Cleans

6 Med Ball Burpees

10-20sec Hollow Rock Hold



HSPU development

6 sets of 3-8 reps of HSPU progression Every 2mins


CP: EMOM of 15 sec work, 45 sec rest x 10

*choice of strict or kip, aim for 5-8 reps in each period



24min AMRAP

Relay Style in teams of 3:

Assault bike 10/14 cals

10/15 pushups

15 double crunch


FG1: modified pushups


CP: 30min AMRAP

CP1: Toes to Bar 

CP2: Ring Pushups




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