Team Score Update!

October 24, 2019

Hey all, so with two weeks and two Open wods in the bag, things are heating up in our intramural competition.  I had to adjust a couple of scores from week 1 as I had missed some solid contributions from key members. 


This past week we saw quite a few people go with the scaled option, so those teams got a solid scaled score to add to their roster.  Take a look at the wod ahead and if you think you can help your team out, choose Rx or Scaled to fill in the gaps!


Here is how week 2 shook out for each team, great work all and a nice range of high scores!


1st place - Saturday Slackers!



Mens RX

Mens Rx Jamie405

Womens Rx  Tia610

Womens Rx  Mika485

Scaled  Cam816

Rookie (Rx/S)   Sarah M937

Masters M Rx   Rich380

Masters W Rx   Cindy374

Total  4007



2nd place - Friday Early Risers!



Friday 6-7-0930AthleteScore

Mens RX   Owen525

Mens Rx   Amrit413

Womens Rx    Coach Megan582

Womens Rx   Maria448

Scaled   Alison895

Rookie (Rx/S)   Phil274

Masters M Rx   Ian351

Masters W Rx   Krista510

Total  3998



3rd place - Friday Nooners!



Mens RX  Coach Phil698

Mens Rx  Isaac514

Womens Rx  Emily326

Womens Rx

Scaled   Alison752

Rookie (Rx/S)   Erin786

Masters M Rx

Masters W Rx  Kim330

Total  3406


4th place - Friday Night!



Mens RX  Connor715

Mens Rx  CVS538

Womens Rx   Allie377

Womens Rx   Breton348


Rookie (Rx/S)   Will572

Masters M Rx

Masters W Rx  Angela340

Total 2890


Here are the current standings going into 20.3 ... lots still to play for with a TIE for first and some close points for 3rd and 4th!



Good luck this week!


Coach Cam




2 rounds with partner

P1: Row 90sec

P2: 5 Plate Ground to OH + 10 OH Plate Lunges Rest Remainder of 90sec then switch.



Oly Lift Complex:

Snatch Grip Deadlift + Hang Power Snatch + OH Squat 

Every 2mins x 8 Rounds building


CP: Hang Squat Snatch x 3 reps x 8 sets Every 2mins


Barbell Couplet:

5 x 3 Push Press smooth


Alternated Every 90sec


5 x 5 Front Squats with same barbell

(Bars taken from a rack)



Coaches Choice

(if time allows)


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