Tuesday Partner Relays

October 29, 2019






WARM UP:  5-10-15 reps of med ball cleans, double crunch, and pushups



SKILL:  Ring Muscle up transitions 5 x 5 reps E2M


Work from ring row position or with band between rings.  You can perform a jumping ring dip or regular ring dip to finish



CP:  Alternating EMOM: 3-5 ring or bar MU, 10 pistols x 5 rounds each





This is a 12 minute for time workout, if you don't finish the sequence, count total reps at time cap


Join up with a partner who is doing the same scaling and get ready for some weight changes!  Have all your weights ready prior to starting the wod.


Rx:  Alternate rounds in relay fashion:


2 rounds each of 8 thrusters (65/95) and 6/8ctb

then 2 rounds each of 8 thrusters (75/115), 6/8 ctb

then 2 rounds of 8 thrusters (95/135) and 6/8 ctb.


FG2: starting weight 55/75 then same increases, regular pullups.


FG1; scale bar weights as needed, jumping ctb.


CP1: Start at 75/115 then add 105/155 at the end.


CP2: start at 95/135 and go up 10lb jumps, 10 ctb per round

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