Choice WOD Thursday Training

October 31, 2019






Animal walk partner relay

2 rounds (I go, you go)

Bear crawl, Duck Walk, Crab Walk, Spider Walk


WOD: Athletes Choice


Conditioning WOD


1000 - 750 - 500 - 250 m rows in a partner relay.

or "Double Felix" - Same as above but then jump back up to 1000 right after the 250 and work back down to 250 again.

*Both For time


Strength WOD

A. Back Squat - 6 x 3reps working up to a smooth triple

    Every 2mins


B1. Barbell Push Press 5 x 5 alternated E90s with

B2. Strict Pull ups 5 x 3. *Work up on both


C1. DB Bench Press 3 x 10

C2. GHD Situps or Hanging Knee Raise 3 x 10-20 reps

C3. Ring Rows 3 x 10




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