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Remembrance Day Hero WOD

Hello all, reminder that we have two classes for Monday - 9:30am and 5:00pm.

As with past Remembrance day workouts, we have a special wod for you to take on tomorrow. As you work through the challenge, think about the sacrifices that were made and continue to be made for the sake of our freedoms.

This will be a tough one, but that's what Hero workouts are all about.





3 rounds each with a partner, sharing an empty barbell, one person goes through while the other does jumping jacks:

5 deadlifts, 5 hang power cleans, 5 push press, 5 back squats


This workout is a CrossFit Benchmark workout that is intended to be done as one single 11 minute AMRAP (solo). To kick it up a bit and to compensate for some big classes, we're going to extend it and make it a partner workout.

Match up with someone doing the same scaling as you are so that we don't have too many bars on the floor!

Rx: Sharing the work as needed except for the run/row:

30 min AMRAP of:

11 Power Cleans (95/135)

11 Burpees over the bar (lateral)

19 Deadlifts (95/135)

18 pullups

200m run each OR 600m Bike each OR 250m row each (relay style)

Scaled: Scale bar weight as needed, step over lunges

CP1: Bar weight 115/165, CTB pullups

CP2: Bar weight 135/205, Bar MU

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