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Choice WOD Tuesday

Hey all, awesome turnout on Monday for that tough team wod... hopefully you all enjoyed it and worked hard!

Choice wod for Tuesday opens up some opportunities for you - pursue some strength or some conditioning, and aim to either fill gaps in your fitness or improve what you're already good at.

One other alternative if you want a bit more volume is to do the strength PLUS the conditioning in the next class. In this case, you can work on some skills while the next class warms up then join in for the conditioning when that kicks off.

Choice days are also great for giving your body a bit of a rest. By dialing back your weights or your intensity on the conditioning, you can MOVE while still recovering from the more high intensity days of the week.

So make your choice, and have fun.




WARM UP: Shuttle run with partner plank (1,2,3,4 laps each)


A. Back Squat 5 x 5 E2m up to a heavy 5.

B1. Bench Press 10-8-6-4-2

alternated with

B2. DB Reverse Lunge 5 x 6/leg.

C: Rotate through: C1. Band Tricep Pressdown x 10 C2. V-up or Double Crunch x 10 C3. YTW's on bench x 7/7/7 reps


Alternate E90s between Bike and Row.

Rx: 10 rounds of each (30 min) 8-14 cals on the bike each round, 12-18 cals on the row each round.

FG: 7 rounds of each, 6/10 and 8/14.

CP (FVT PREP): Rotate between 300m runs, 300m rows, and 50' HS walks. Adjust distances as needed.

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