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2020 Intramural Open Results

Hey all, the scores are all in and accounted for, bringing an end to the 2020 CrossFit Open. Our Intramural Competition was a fun way to add a bit of in-gym excitement as our four teams battled it out.

Going into the last week, here were the points and standings:

1st - Saturday slackers with 7 points

2nd - Friday Early risers with 9 points

3rd - Friday Nooners with 10 points

4th - Friday Night with 14 points

With a STRONG push to finish off, the Nooners took a first place in 20.5 with the Early risers taking 4th, putting the Nooners into a narrow 2nd place at the end.

The Friday Night crew had an excellent showing on 20.5, with three people finishing Rx (Zeke, Chris, and Connor) but were hampered through the whole Open by not having an athlete take on the Scaled version of the wods.

Coming out on top was the Saturday Slackers, who by chance not only had great efforts each week like all the other teams but also had a blend of athletes in Masters, Scaled, and Rx.

Great work everyone, it was fun to throw down in a different way than the global leaderboard (which is still very important, more on that later). Stay tuned for MORE intramural competitions coming up in the new year ... think something like a "league".

Here's the final points table, once again great work!!






Handstand Pushup Development:

8 sets of 4-8 reps Every 90sec

WOD: Gymnastics EMOM

5 rotations through (30 min)

EMOM, working for 30s in each minute:


Double Unders

Toes to Bar

Assault Bike

Hand Release Pushups

Pistol squats

Strict Pullups

FG: single unders, hanging knee raise, pistols and pullups scaled as needed

CP1: Ring dips sub for pushups, strict pullups with +25/+45lb plate

CP2: Reps of 1 MU + 3 ring dips sub for pushups

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