December Supplement Sale

November 15, 2019

Starting Monday December 2nd running until Saturday December 7th we will be running a sale on all our supplements.


All supplements will be discounted price and buy any 2 supplement items you will receive a FREE Vic City T Shirt!!!


JaktRX Protein (All Flavours) Normal Price $55.00 down to $48.00


JaktRX BCAAs Normal Price $45.00 down to $37.00


JaktRX Omega 3s Normal Price $38.00 down to $28.00


Blonyx HMB + Creatine Normal Price $55.00 down to $48.00


Blonyx Beta Alanine Normal Price $38.00 down to $32.00


Blonyx Egg White Protein Normal Price $60.00 down to $51.00


So plan accordingly and get stocked up before the holidays! And wear some Vic City Swag!!!



WARMUP:  5 min amrap:  5 inchworms, 6 medball cleans, 7 plate floor to overhead (light)



Rope climb technique:  15 minutes of practicing leg locks and sets of climbs

WOD:  Rowl Along


This is a short but intense effort that will be a whole lotta legs.  Hit the first row at 80-85%, hammer out the lunges, then crank as hard as you can to finish off.  Good luck!


Rx:  for time - 500m row, 150' walking lunge (no weight), 500m row


FG:  400m rows, 75' walking lunge


CP1:  25/35lb kbs or dbs held by sides


CP FVT:  500m row, 2 rounds of 50' HS walk & 50' walking lunge (25/35), 500m row


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