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Member Highlight: Scott

Our November Member Highlight this month is Scott Harlow.

Scott has done some pretty intense training over the years and achieved some incredible milestones. Check out more about Scott below and next time you see him say hello!


When did you start CrossFit/start at Vic City?

I started doing CrossFit at Vic City in May of 2014.

What do you enjoy most about CrossFit?

I love the people at Vic City. We have a great community. Fitness is a way of life for me. Crossfit is a big part of it.

Any fav memories at the gym so far?

Lots of fav memories. First double under, muscle up, handstand push-up. Many more firsts to come... Pistol, handstand walk...

Most recent achievement that you are proud of?

I try to push myself far past my perceived limits. Completing Sealfit Kokoro camp is the most rewarding achievement so far. Big thanks to Cam for being an awesome training partner, coach, and friend.

Lastly, What are your goals that you are working towards?

I recently attended GORUCK Selection but did not complete it. I learned a lot from it and will try again in 2021. Crossfit will continue to be a big part of my training program.

Coach Cam:

I still remember the day that Scott came in for the Saturday intro at the old gym. Early in the session he told me that his goal was to complete the SealFit Kokoro event. I had watched a few videos on Kokoro and knew the demands that it entailed, so I wasn't quite sure if he was for real or understood the training it would take! That being said he was deadly serious when he said it, and did pretty well in the intro!

Fast forward 5 years and Scott not only completed Kokoro, he went back and did it again, and did it BETTER. In the process of doing this, and taking on the Go Ruck Selection, he has redefined for me the limits of grit and endurance. Think things like hiking 9 hours with a heavy pack on sand and pavement by yourself with no music. Or multiple loops of Elk and Beaver with that same heavy pack PLUS a 60lb sandbag and burpees every 15 minutes or so.

I have no doubt that Scott will continue to push his own boundaries and in doing so will show us all that MORE is usually possible, especially with the right willpower and progression in training.






These two events are in teams of 3 people doing the same scaling level (ideally). Communicate well and have a plan for the bench presses. Fast switches on the relay will be important!

Part 1: Bench Press Heavy Triple

15 minutes for each person to hit a heavy triple on the bench press

Add best weights to total reps in part 2

Part 2:

5 rounds per person of a 1 minute AMRAP:

20 seconds hang power cleans (75/115) right into 40 seconds of burpee box jumps

FG2: 65/95

FG1: scale bar as needed, regular burpees

CP1: 95/135, 24/30" box

CP2: 115/165

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