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Partner Throwdown

Saturdays are for TEAMS and this week, we've got teams of two... grab your bestie and get after it! You'll need to use the same bar likely for space so factor that in too :)




WARM UP: 5-10-15 reps of air squat, double crunch, and american kbs!

Team name theme: Canadian Animals!!

EVENT 1: FRONT SQUAT (score #1)

Work up to a heavy triple (each person) in 12 minutes. Warm up with bar only, so be ready to do some lighter weights early on to get your body fully up to a good weight.

EVENT 2: Row-Snatch Sprints (score #2)

Rx: 5 rounds each partner of - row 300m, 8 hang power snatches, 8 toes to bar

FG2: 65/95, 4 ttb

FG1: Scale bar as needed, hanging knee raises

CP1: 95/135, 10 hang cleans and ttb.

CP2: 115/165, 10 hang cleans and 15 ttb

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