Monday S&C

November 25, 2019



Well team we've just arrived home from a very exciting and eventful weekend at the Fraser Valley Throwdown.  Lots to report on but for now I'll just say it was a great showing from our athletes across the board... and was also a really fun time hanging out.


Monday's wod brings another S&C session in which we mix a bit of strength with a bit of conditioning.  If you're looking to push your strength a bit, go with the lower number of reps for the strength exercises and bump up the weight.  If you want more of a cardio effect, hit the higher reps!





WARM UP:  3 rounds - 5 medball cleans, 7 barbell push press, 9 hanging knee raise





8 ROUNDS, rotating on an E90s timer through:


1.  Clean and Jerk x 2-5 reps

2.  Double unders x 20-50 reps (or single skips same number)

3.  Front Squats x 4-8 reps 


This sequence will be 36 minutes long so make sure you have the right weights.  If your weights are too light after the first 3 rounds, bump them up a bit.


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