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Barbell Strength Mondays

Today we have a some good heavy barbell work to start the week off!

Remember to keep your weights safe yet challenging, we have lots more planned for you as we build up to the holiday season!

Posting will be up this week for specific Holiday hours so you can work hard right into the new year!

2020 here we come!

Happy Lifting!




Bear Complex

1 cycle =Deadlift,power clean, thruster, bring to back rack, back squat thruster, back to floor

3 rounds of

3 Bear Complex cycles (small jumps each round)

10 Russian KB Swings


Hang power snatch

work up to a heavy triple in 12 min = score #1

Front squat

build to heavy single in 12 min,

Rest 2 min then amrap front squats in 3 min @ 60% of that. At the start of the 3 minutes and every time you break, perform 5 burpees!!

Add scores together for score #2 (1RM + 60% rep count)


AMRAP 5mins:

2 abmat sit-ups, 4 pushups

4 abmat sit-ups, 6 pushups... and so on just for fun

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