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13.4 Retest

Just wanted to remind you all of the free service we have for all our members of access to Beyond The Whiteboard app and to make sure we are all taking advantage of its great tracking capabilities so we can all see our improvements.

If you dont have the app downloaded and setup please shoot us an email at and we will help get you set up.

We log all our daily skills and workouts in the app for you to help keep track of your max lifts, vic city wods, and your classic CrossFit benchmark workouts. Plus its fun to see where you stand with your fellow gym members and how you rank on our own Vic City Leaderboard.

Download the app today and get started! Great way to help with those 2020 fitness goals and make tracking your progress a habit for success!




3 rounds

50ft Bear crawl

10 med ball cleans

10 double crunch

WOD Open 13.4

RX AMRAP 7 mins of:

3 clean and jerk (95/135), 3 Toes To Bar

6 c&J, 6 ttb,

9 c&j, 9ttb... and so on

FG2: bar weight 75/115

FG1: bar weight 55/75, hanging knee raise


Groups of 3: one on bike, one resting, one doing weighted carry.

Rotate on 1 min cycles x 4-5 rounds

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