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Wednesday Choice



WARMUP: 6 rounds (6 min cap) of - 2 burpees, 4 pushups, 6 squats


Assault Bike

6 x 1:40 easy, 20 sec hard.

Rest 4-6 min then

Death by calories on assault bike

1cal 1st minute, 2 cals the 2nd minute, 3 cals the 3rd minute, 4 cals the 4th on and so on until you cannot fulfill the allotted cals.

This is a great benchmark aerobic challenge, so if you're looking to see where your engine is at right now, give it a shot!


Open Gym

Did you miss Monday or Tuesday's wod and want to make them up? Want to work on a skill or three that you want to improve? Here's your chance... take the class time to hit any of the above or more. Your coach will float between groups and look to help out with tips.

This is a trial to see how a day of open gym goes and how the class can or can not flow around it. Have fun and choose your own adventure!

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