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Fitmas Day 2

Double Classic CrossFit WODs for Friday.

Both are great WODs to have measurements on and valuable to see your progress.

Be accurate and strategic in your Isabel approach, steady and consistent.

Good luck with Day 2 and keep up the Fitmas Train!




Partner 1: 3 laps run

Partner 2: AMRAP air squats, pushups, hollow rock hold

Double WOD:


A classic crossfit wod, simple but challenging - take your time and pace it out with a heavier barbell or grip and rip with a lighter one!

RX: 30 snatches for time @ 95/135

FG2: 75/115

FG1; 45-65/65-95

WOD 2: Double under plus...

Choose one of the following:

"Regionals 2010 Double under - burpee"


Double unders

10 burpees after each set

Check scores HERE (men) or HERE (women)




Double unders


FG2 (sane version): half the sit-ups and double unders

FG1: 100-80-60-40-20 single unders and 25-20-15-10-5 situps

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