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Fitmas Day 6

Fitmas day 6 brings us one of my all time favorite workouts - "Nasty Girls"! I really like the blend of movements in this one. It can be a sprint or it can be a bit of a slog depending on your scaling and how comfortable you are with the gymnastics. Good luck and have fun!




WARMUP: 3 rounds - 10 medball cleans, hollow hold or rock 30 seconds, 10 single leg glute bridge per leg

Strength: Back Squat 6 x 3 E2M @ 70-75%

Treat this as "practice" - i.e. smooth, quality reps!

WOD: Nasty Girls

Another classic, the video for this wod inspired a lot of people to try CrossFit, I've posted it before, but check it out below... the speed and intensity of these women is something else, not to mention the strict muscle ups!

Full Rx: 3 rounds for time: 50 air squats, 7 ring muscle ups, 10 hang power cleans (95/135)

FG3: Sub 14 CTB pullups and 6/10 ring dips for the muscle ups

FG2: 14 regular pullups + 14 pushups, 75/115

FG1: jumping pullups + scaled pushups, scale bar weight as needed

CP: "Regionals Nasty Girls": 3 rounds - 50 pistols alternating legs, 7 ring MU, 10 hang power cleans @ 125/175

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