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Boxing Day Aerobic or Open

Hey gang, I hope you all had a great Christmas day and are full up on good food with good people.

For our Thursday workout this week, we're doing another choice day.

Option 1 is to do an aerobic wod of almost 40 min duration. Although this wod is meant to be done at a comfortable pace to build base aerobic ability, you can also put the foot on the gas and make it a 40 min burner!

Option 2 is to take on some Open gym time, perhaps catch up on a wod that you missed or work on some skills. You can use the small side of the gym for this and any open space on the main side as long as you check in with your coach!

So no matter what you're feeling like training, you can come in and have a fun time with your fitness friends.

Remember we have 9:30am and 5pm classes only, back to regular schedule on Friday.




WARM UP: 3 rounds - 10 air squats, 10 double crunch, 6-10 pushups


E90s switches for 5 rounds

- work for 45-90 seconds at each station

1. Assault bike cals,

2. box jumps or step ups,

3. turkish get ups,

4. row calories,

5. laps (around gym) of weighted carry (medball/dball hug, KB farmer, KB front rack)


Check in with the coach about available space, use the small side also

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