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Those in between days

It's that time of year after Christmas and before New Years where many people are unsure of what to do fitness wise and/or lack motivation to do anything physical.

I understand and even us coaches struggle with this too! You are not alone, and we have lots to offer Friday and Saturday as we are back to our normal class schedule for these next two days.

So don't go back and forth on whether you come in or not, get into the gym and get some movement in. It doesn't have to be record breaking pace or weight or reps, but just get in and get moving.

Looking forward to seeing you all and continuing our build into 2020. Have you set those goals yet? More info coming soon on 1 on 1 goal setting sessions with a coach in the new year! Stay tuned and happy moving!




3 rounds

Rowling to 151m

*Coaches choice fitness reward

Strength Foundations

Deadlift: 8, 8, 6, 6, 6

alternating Every 2mins

Handstand Pushups OR strict seated DB Press 6-10 reps.

*Use trap bar high handles for deadlift and don't go heavy if your back needs a break



15 min AMRAP:

50' goblet KB lunge (35/53)

10/20 pushups

10 TTB

FG: 26/44 KB, Hanging Knee Raise

TG: Scale KB, Modify Pushups, Double Crunch

CP1: Axle front rack lunge (70/90), sub ring dips 6/12 for pushups, GHD situps

CP2: Axle 90/130, 3 x (4 ring MU + 2/4 dips), GHD

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