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2020 wod

It's a new year! Get your bench and your metcon on with ANOTHER burner!

Two scores today - first for your 3rm tempo bench and second for your time on the AMRAP.

Have fun see ya soon!






Bench Press (Tempo: 5 - 1 - x): 5 x 3 reps up to 3 rm E2M

Pause is with bar resting on chest but do not let the weight press you down into the bench. Hold tension everywhere until you have done your 1 sec hold!

WOD: 2020! (SCORE #2)

20 min AMRAP:

2000m row buy in, then in the remaining time AMRAP of 20 goblet front squats @ 53/ 70, 20 pullups, 20 HR pushups

FG2: scale kb to 35/53, 10 pullups per round OR 20 ring rows

FG1: 14 min, 1k row, scale movements as needed

CP1: CTB pullups, Single arm STO with KB x 10/arm (53/70)

CP2: 6/9 bar MU sub for pullups, HS walk 50' sub for pushups, 70/80-90lb for squats

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