Three by Eight

January 3, 2020



Hey team,


Great work on the 20 min amrap, especially with that 2k row buy in!


Today we're going with a different approach - shorter 8 min AMRAPs but with a heavier loading!


Try to push the weight on the barbell for these wods so that you get a good strength stimulus along with your metcon... power cleans should be heavy enough that they are NOT touch and go.


Keep fit and have fun!








WARM UP:  with a barbell (empty or light load)


3-4 rounds - 5 deadlift, 5 hang power clean, 5 front squats


20 jumping jacks between rounds



WOD:  Three by Eight


Add up total reps (include the calories for each round that you held during the assault bike).



AMRAP 8 min: 3 power clean (125/185), 30 double unders


FG2: 105/155


FG1: scale bar as needed


CP1: 145/205


CP2: 165/235



Rest 8 min then



AMRAP 8 min: 3 STO (from rack) @ 105/155, 5 back squats, 50' broad jump.


FG2: 95/135


FG1: Scale bar as needed, 25' broad jump


CP1: 125/185


CP2: 155/225



rest 8 min



then intervals on Assault bike (not for score): 8 min EMOM of 8/14cals


FG2: 6/12


FG1: 4/8


CP: go off your best guess!


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