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Bring your guns

Team, every once in a while there will be a wod that will challenge nearly ALL your skills and abilities. If you choose the right scaling, your skill, efficiency, strength, and stamina will all be at work in these types of wods.

Today's workout is just that - it's a collection of higher level skills and a bit of strength inside of a 15 minute amrap. The time domain ensures that even if you have the right skills, you need to have some supportive stamina to put in some real rounds.

This is not a wod, so work with your coach to find the appropriate level of challenge for you on Monday.

Good luck and have fun!




WARM UP: Extended KB warm-up: 6 rounds E90s of 8 Kb deadlifts, 8 russian swings, 6 goblet squats, 4 STO/arm

*Warm up deadlift to above wod weight*


Rx: 15 minute AMRAP of:

2 ring Muscle Ups,

4 Deadlifts 175/255,

6 strict hspu,

8 pistols.

FG3: 6ctb+6ring dips, 155/225, kip hspu

FG2: 6 pullups, 125/185, scaled ROM hspu or 2x pushups, scaled pistols

FG1: scale bar weight, banded pullups, 2x scaled pushups.

CP1: double reps each round, DL 195/275

CP2: double reps, DL 205/315

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