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Tempo Box Squats

Hey all, on Tuesday we're going to be doing some back squats, but likely a bit different than you've done before.

We're going to do Tempo squats to a bench or box. This is a great exercise to get your power up from a static position and also teaches you to keep your torso tight as you stand up.

You'll want to choose a box that has you just above a parallel thigh position when seated on top (parallel would be where your upper leg bone - femur - is parallel with the ground). Play around with the box heights or benches to find this perfect height for you. We'll be doing these again, so be sure to record what you use.

Lower onto the box with control over a count of FOUR seconds, pause for a full two second count, then stand up fast. While on the box, keep same torso tension and posture as you had when you were descending, and relax legs to 50%. There should be no rocking of your torso as you stand up.

If you're squatting a bit high, you'll be able to move some pretty significant weight, even with the tempo. Work up through the sets to get to a tough triple that is still true to the tempo.




WARM UP: 3 x 10 dowel good mornings, 8 dowel overhead squats, 4 vertical jumps

SKILL: BACK SQUAT TO BOX (tempo 4 - 2 - x)

7 sets of 3 reps on a 2 minute timer working up to a tough set


Assault bike teams of 3, 20 minute cap

Rx: 90/120 calories, 300 double unders, 90 american swings (35/53) 90/120 calories,

FG2: 100 double unders

FG1: 300 single skips

CP1: 450 double unders, 44/70

CP2: 53/80+ swings

CP1: ttb/ghd

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