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Sunday Rundays!

Hey all, with the weather (possibly) starting to get nicer and the days (definitely) getting longer, it's time to start looking ahead to getting some running miles in your legs!

If you're targeting the TC 10k or other races in the spring summer then now is a great time to get out with some friends and get moving.

One of our intrepid members, Erin, has volunteered to be a run guide for you all on Sunday afternoons... here's a little more from her and what you can expect when you head out for the Sunday Rundays!


Happy New Year Everyone!

For those of you I haven't met (I'm a Tuesday/Thursday CrossFit nooner kind of girl!) I want to introduce myself and the idea I put forward to Cam for a "Sunday Runday" meet up.

Running has always been a passion of mine and over the years I've competed in various distances and events, including a half Ironman. While I've never been an elite athlete, I've been pretty consistent at keeping running in my life...and it's come in handy whenever "running" is part of a WOD! After seeing that a 5km time is a baseline fitness marker for CrossFit it made me want to improve my own time! I came up with the idea of "Sunday Run-day" because I thought it could be a great opportunity to get together as a group to improve our running fitness (and times!)

I have put together runs for the next six Sundays (the sixth being a timed 5km run.) These will all be about 40-50mins (include warm-up/cool-down) and take place at Elk Lake, meeting at the lower Beaver gravel parking lot at 2pm. You will need your own timer (or timer on your phone!)

January 13: Easy Out and Back Run

January 20: Easy/Fast Intervals

January 27: Partner Races (2km loops)

February 3: Easy/Fast Intervals

February 10: Partner Races (2km loops)

February 17: 5km for time!

This is just a trial, so it will be based on interest (i.e. how many people show up!) but don't worry if you can't make them all - it's all about improvement! I also would not say no to a grabbing a coffee after!




3 rounds

15 Kb swings

10 Goblet reverse lunges

5/5 Single leg Deadlift (BW Only)


Front Squat

Build to a heavy triple in 14 min (SCORE 1)


20/30 cal assault bike

20 chest to bar pullups

40 wallball (14/20)

20 chest to bar pullups

20/30 cal row

FG2: regular pullups

FG1: Assisted pullups

TG: 15/20cals, jumping pullups, scale wallball

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