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New Year Party Friday!

Hey all!

So our New Year party is finally here, and I've got a few details for how the evening will go down:

The 4pm and 5pm classes will run as normal!

From 5pm to 7pm, the food truck Spice Aid will be cooking and serving food, there will be pakoras for appies ($5) and then a main dish ($10) - curry grabs and another one that I forget at the moment! Bring cash if you can.

At 6pm, there will be the "coaches payback wod", which will be a 10 minute amrap, movements and reps chosen by you guys! Create a great workout with the listed reps and there will be a vote for the top three and then a vote for the actual wod that the coaches will take on!

Voting will take place from 4-5:30pm.

The 6pm class will run with the class scheduled warm up and wod following the coaches payback wod.

The food truck (and party) will wrap up by about 7 so work that into your plans!!

See you all tomorrow night

Coach Cam



WARMUP In groups of 3

3 rounds

1-Assault bike 45sec (increase pace every 15sec)

2-High Plank Hold (top of pushup plank)

3-Active bar hang (drop as needed, try to stay on bar as much as you can in 45sec)


Gymnastics EMOM, Rotate on the minute to the next station

30 sec Work and 30 sec rest/rotate

7 rotations (28 min)


Dumbell Lunge

Rope climb/Rope row/Ring row

Pushups/Ring pushups

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