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New Year Party Fundraiser Update

The Coaches post "Payback WOD"... the one chosen was designed by Kiel Horan: 10 min amrap with a 20/30 cal assault bike buy-in then in the remaining time: 30 du, 20 goblet squats and 10 STRICT pull-ups!!

Thank you again for everyone that came and celebrated the Vic City community this past Friday. It was great to connect with everyone in a non-WOD environment.

As you know, we had the Spice Aid Food truck come by and serve delicious meals of curry grabs, dosa’s, frankie rolls and bunny chows. I think we can all attest to how good the food was and how personable and friendly Joshua and his family were running the truck.

Spice Aid operates by donating all their proceeds to various orphanages. With our event we sponsored Bopoma Villages which is located in a rural area of Zimbabwe called Zaka.

Bopoma Villages was founded by a cardioliogist from Mississauga ON, who was travelling to the area and “gripped by the devastating impact of economic collapse, disease, and malnutrition”. From their website they state “Bopoma Villages strengthens and equips families and communities in rural Zimbabwe to move from extreme poverty to opportunity, self-reliance and hope”.

If you are interested in more of what they do you can visit their website at

From our event were able to raise $345 for Spice Aid to donate.

Thank you all for your support this past year, coming in and training hard, building our community, and keeping Vic City an amazing community to be a part of.

Cheers to another great year ahead!

- Michelle



WARM - UP: with an empty or light barbell:

5 snatch deadlifts, 5 hang snatch pulls (wide elbows), 5 Behind the neck snatch push jerk

3-4 rounds, 3 vertical jumps in between each round

SKILL: Power Snatch: 5, 5, 3, 3 E2M then 2, 2, 2 E90s

Go heavier and do the reps as singles!

WOD: Cardio Gauntlet

Do this either to improve your baseline aerobic ability by working at 70% effort or if you want a tough aerobic push, work as hard as you can sustain in the work periods and total up your calories for an overall score!

1 min assault bike,

1 min rest,

1 min calorie row,

1 min rest,

1 min double unders,

1 min rest

x 5 rounds (30min).

Aerobic recovery - just move.

Aerobic Push - SCORE total calories of bike and row

FG: single unders

CP: heavy rope double unders

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