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Protein coming, Blonyx Protein SALE

I know many of you have been asking for more Peanut butter chocolate protein, its on the way just on back order from our supplier.

In the meantime try another protein! Our Egg White Protein from Blonyx!

For the rest of the month of January we will be selling it for $50 instead of the normal $60.

Sale ends January 31st! So come get your bag today!




3 rounds rowling up to 160m

*coaches choice fitness reward


Clean and Jerk: 10 x 1 @ 70-80%% EMOM

Warm up well and hit the same weight across all sets.

No misses, can be tough but smooth


Functional BB

4-5 rotations through of:

Single leg Deadlift with DB's/KB's x 8/leg

Ring rows x 6-10 reps hard

Front plank x 30-60 sec

Seated DB shoulder press x 6-10 reps

or Open Gym

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