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Sunday WOD and Runday #2!

Hey gang,

Tomorrow is a chance to catch a wod, a run, or both!

This is week 2 of Erin's Sunday Rundays and after four intrepid souls got out last week, we're hoping for even more this time around!

In Erin's words:

The runs will all be about 40-50mins (include warm-up/cool-down) and take place at Elk Lake, meeting at the lower Beaver gravel parking lot at 2pm. You will need your own timer (or timer on your phone!)

So get those runners on and get out for a jog with some great people!

Also, we have TWO classes running tomorrow morning - 8:30am and 9:30am. The wod is based on a CrossFit classic called "Airforce" and requires you to have a bit of strategy (and some fast burpees) to complete it in a reasonable amount of time.

We've also got some strict pullups for strength development so it should be a great day.

See you in the AM!




WARM UP: Rotate EMOM between 3 stations for 2 rounds:

1. KB bent over rows 15 reps

2. Double crunch 10-15 reps

4. Glute march on floor 10 per side

SKILL: Strict Pullup 5, 3, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2 E2M

build to a heavy double (SCORE 1).

If using a band, aim to get to the hardest band you can by the end.

CP option: weighted strict ring MU


RX: 4 burpees to start and on the minute every minute until you are done the following movements and reps:

20 thrusters (65/95),

20 hang power snatch,

20 push jerks,

20 front squats,

20 power cleans.

*for a different challenge, you can do this wod with DB's

FG2: 55/75

FG1: scale bar as needed, 2 burpees EMOM

CP1: 75/115, sub overhead squats for snatches, barhop burpees

CP2: 95/135, OHS for snatches, barhop burpees

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