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Can West Games Individual Qualifiers

Hello team,

The Can West Games (now known as the Can West CrossFit Championship) has been a focal point for the competitive season for the last few years. This year, it has been given "Sanctional" status, meaning that athletes can compete for spots at the CrossFit Games.

This will bring a LOT of high level athletes to BC to compete, and the programming and qualifiers are also being beefed up.

For athletes looking to qualify as individuals, there is an online qualifier that runs from Jan 24-30th. There will be 5 events to complete in that week's time, so it will be a lot like a compressed version of the Open.

You will have to video all of your workouts if you think you will have a chance of qualifying. Here is a link to some other important details regarding the online qualifiers: CLICK HERE

Finding the time to get all the qualifiers done without doing multiple events will be tricky, so I'm offering a few options to get them done.

Depending on when the workouts get released (likely Thursday Jan 23), I will be putting one event in on each of Friday Jan 24 and Saturday Jan 25 as part of the class wod for that day. Athletes can also use open gym time on the small side of the gym from 8-11am on Saturday to get the events done.

On Sunday Jan 26 I will run another of the events in two classes - 8:30 and 9:30am. Anyone can attend these classes, even if you are not doing the qualifier.

Depending on the flow of the wods, I will either program our own training for Mon and Tues or will bring in more qualifier wods on those days in class. If they are not done in class, then athletes can use open gym time on Monday and Wednesday to get their events in.

So there is still a bit up in the air but the plan right now is to get the events in over Fri-Sat-Sun during class time with the potential for doing some on Mon and/or Tues.

Stay tuned for more when the wods get released!




WARM UP: With bar or dowel

5 back squats, 5 good mornings, 5 push press, 2 vertical jumps with bar

x 4 rounds, rest 30 sec between rounds


Tall Snatch - 5 x 3 E90s with dowel, bar or light weight.

Full Snatch 3, 3, 3, 2, 2, 2 E90s building

WOD: Strongman rotation:

3 min at each station, 1 min rest/switch time, rotating in a team of 2-3, work steady pace.

2 rotations through (24 min) if time allows

1. Sled pull with long rope

2. Heavy KB Farmer OR Heavy DBall hug Carry

3. Prowler March

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