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Goals/PT Packages

Yes we have a YouTube Channel! Follow us!

Here is a better visual breakdown of our New Years special Goals and PT session packages!

These packages are discounted from our normal rates and are only available until Feb 14th, 2020!

So take advantage today of our great coaches and reach those 2020 goals!

Coach G.



WARMUP: 3 times through, 6 min cap:

1 round of DT (bar only)

6 pushups

8 double crunch or abmat situps

20 jumping jacks

WOD: Can West CC Event 1: DT - Burpee

Please note, if you are NOT doing the online qualifier, you have the option of doing the class wod listed below OR you can do the qualifier wod.

Elite: 20 min time cap

1 round of "DT" (12-9-6 of deadlifts, hang power cleans, STO @ 105/155)

40 bar facing burpees

1 round of DT

30 burpees

1 round of DT

20 burpees

1 round of DT

10 burpees

1 round of DT

Intermediate: 75/115

Scaled: 65/95

Class option:

5 rounds for time, 20 min cap of:

Row 20/30 calories

10 over rower burpees

15 DB/KB STO (35/53)

FG: scale db's as needed

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